Emily Addison (28 Sep 2010) SocietySM BDSM
Release Date: 28 September 2010

I started the day early and Emily isn’t a morning person, at all, so to make sure she is worthy and awake and not just being bind I make her do some exercise to get the blood flowing. She has such pleasant milkers and watching them bounce around made for a good morning for me, even more so once I got them strapped and slapped them around myself. Emily is spread out and displayed and I take her back and forth between tickling, pain and apexes. She essays to squirm away and her struggling is nearly as hot as her being tormented. She hates to be blindfolded, so I unite one, just to receive her a little more nervous. Next she is electrified in a chair with TENS pads and a taser, along with her sensitive nipples having suction on them to make them even more touchy. Finishing her day with a reverse prayer hogtie that only got more severe as the episode went on, proved that Emily was willing to undergo anything for an apex.

Genre: BDSM, Hardcore, Severe, Bondage, Birching, Supremacy
Studio: SocietySM
Duration: 01:01:20
Starring: Emily Addison

Emily Addison (28 Sep 2010) SocietySM BDSM

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Emily Addison (28 Sep 2010) SocietySM BDSM