ChinaBondage (151107) BDSM
These unique oriental Bondage episodes will bring you to a brand new BDSM world. Presenting China Bondage Beauty with 5000 years history. You will find very ordinar Chinese bondage classification – Wu Hua Da Bang, hogtie hanging, Su Qing Bei Jian classification, Qi Pao bondage, Hou Shou Fo restrain, Tigers Bench Torture, chopsticks torture, foot penalty, cord suspension, valid art drawing, BDSM cartoon pictures, and much more.

Country: China
Genre: BDSM, Hard-core, Intensive , Bondage
Studio: ChinaBondage
Duration: 00:37:40

ChinaBondage (151107) BDSM

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ChinaBondage (151107) BDSM