[slave-videos] Natalie's Wedding BDSM
Beautiful Natalie was about to obtain married that day. She stayed in her room and put on her makeup, dressed in her wedding dress and then her shortly after to be hubby came in. She was kinda edgy, getting cold feet because she had dark desires. They played a littlebit and he gagged her, clamped her teats, but he did not satisfy her. Then he left. She got cold feet about her wedding and she ran away. He went after her on his bike and he caught her. Took her to a aged shack and bound her up.

He chained her to the cross and whipped her good-looking flesh. He made her ride a dildo, clamped her nipples, put her on a medieval stretch bench and gave her a seriously horny and lustful wax job in the bench. He whipped and cropped the wax from her tits and skin and he played her into submission.

We in fact don’t know if they lived happely ever after
Actual, the storyline sucks, but the activity and Natalies pretty skin and natural yielding attitide greatly make up for that.

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[slave-videos] Natalie's Wedding BDSM

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[slave-videos] Natalie's Wedding BDSM