[BondageDesigns] GRM-37 Tapped and Tormented (Dominic Wolfe, BondageDesigns, Gina Rae Michaels) BDSM
Year: 2009
Country: Combined States
Genre: BDSM, Bondage
Length: 1:42:27 Directed by: Dominic Wolfe
Studio: BondageDesigns, Gina Rae MichaelsV Featured: Gina Rae Michaels, Marie Valentine, Maxine Angelit with Samantha Grace, Dominic Wolfe and Ken Ma

5 fantastic scene of tapped up bondage peril!! In the first episode, Gina Rae Michaels and Marie Valentine are moving to a new condo. They have no way of knowing that there was a reason for the low rent in this community. After being offered a helping hand by what seem to be a pair of harmless neighbors, the pair get a “Neighborhood Welcome” that includes on-screen taping, stern muzzle filling gags, birching, and groping. Maybe the next time the dolls won’t be ridiculous sufficient to think that a gated community is fully safe!!
After breaking up with her lesbo girlfriend, Gina Rae has been plagued with harassing phone calls. It seems her ex admirer wants back an expensive pair of shoes that she bough Gina. Gina refuses to give up the shoes and when her ex-girlfriend threatens to call her brother to instruct Gina a lesson, Gina howls with laughter and hangs up. She presently learns that she should have taken this doll utmostly. She is taped up on screen while putting up a kicking and bawling fight. With gag in oral cavity with her ex-lover’s sock, the brother makes off with the expensive shoes and leaves Gina fuming and flopping.
Marie Valentine is a very wealthy customer, and when she treats the shoe sales babe like a piece of garbage, she learns a “tapped up tight” lesson in customer service. Gagged with the shoe sales chicks panties, she as well get a “taste” of what harsh work is actually like.
Samantha Grace and Gina Rae are always competing for the higher paying modeling jobs. When Gina starts out to receive more jobs, Samantha comes to a decision to take Gina out of the running with a big amount of duct tape and her full back granny panties!!! Groped, and humiliated, Gina is left fuming while Samantha takes her job.
Maxine Angelit has promised best comrade Gina Rae that she is stopped with her scum bag beau, but when Gina over hears a phone conversation between the two, she is familiar with that Maxine isn’t telling the truth. Being a loyal friend, she decides to help Maxine do the job right. Gina hauls her off to the garage, tapes her firmly to a stool and vows to leave her there till she forgets all about him. Maxine starts to groan and Gina is familiar with she needs to shut her up. Not being ready for so much defiance, Gina is left with no choice but to cut off Maxine’s pink panties and use them to fill her oral cavity. Gina leaves her crony wide-open and gagging on her own juicy undies.
three of the episodes in this movie contain on-sceen taping. all scenes feature on screen gagging with panties, socks, or cloth!!! Great no-stop action and exciting

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[BondageDesigns] GRM-37 Tapped and Tormented (Dominic Wolfe, BondageDesigns, Gina Rae Michaels) BDSM

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[BondageDesigns] GRM-37 Tapped and Tormented (Dominic Wolfe, BondageDesigns, Gina Rae Michaels) BDSM