TortureGalaxy Timy 02 BDSM
Year: 2009
Studio: Torture Galaxy Club (TG2Club)
Genre: BDSM, Needle Piercing, Boob and Teats Torture, Bondage, Pom-pom Torture, Beating, Electric Play, Pumping

Torture Galaxy Club offers you to became a beholder of actual hardcore BDSM hard tortures. Lustful dolls, suspended or being undergone with BDSM bondage stuff suffer terrible fierce aching. They agonize from teats and tits piercing and pulling them apart by pincers, their boobs have been extremely squeezing with boards full of nails. Hypersensitive vulvas are harsh tortured by staple puncher and long needles. If you eager to see a hammer ramming long nails right into the pink nipples – Torture Galaxy is the location you’ve been looking for!

It’s a real BDSM horror. Yells and blood are everywhere. If you don’t fear to lose your nerve – take a look at these really awful BDSM hard torture films!

TortureGalaxy Timy 02 BDSM

Video clip size: 201.9 MB

TortureGalaxy Timy 02 BDSM