Xtremepain - SVP 02 Loving the Cane BDSM

Genre: BDSM, Heavy, Bondage, Thrashing, Titties Anguish, Hard-core, Rose Torture, Teats Piercing
Studio: SVP – Manufacturings

XTREMEPAIN series from SVP Productions video-making studio represents serious BDSM torture videos. All movies are full of heavy torturing of bounded slave-girls. They suffer from piercing of boobs with needles or even nails, excruciation teats with burning cigarettes, pins and squeezes punched into utmostly stretched vulva lips, needles in supersensitive clitoris, nettle torture ’till body blisters. Blood and weeps of aching are everywhere!

If you want to know what is infernal anguish consist of – take a look at XTREMEPAIN videos and prepare to vibrate with horror.

A true outstanding movie for those who like a real extreme spanking. Iin this film they use a stick and a whip; She is beaten up harsh on her booty and legs in 10 series of each 50 really extrem intense beatings.

Ein Video fur den Flagfan. Zum Einsatz kommen der Stock und die Reitgerte. Decease Sklavin bekommt an Po und Schenkel 10 Serien zu je 50 Hieben extrem hart durchgezogen. Dicke Striemen sind zu sehen bevor sich alles verfarbt.

Xtremepain - SVP 02 Loving the Cane BDSM

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Xtremepain - SVP 02 Loving the Cane BDSM