C E O # 2 - Pain Gate BDSM
Release Date: 10 September 2011

This is the second part of the CEO penalty. After her bottom and back whipping now Mrs. Sanders has to suffer a very intense frontside bullwhipping. Nothing is spared, especially not her cunny. You will see harsh hard lashes of the bullwhip right between her legs. The clit and lips accept swollen with suffering! But Mrs. Sanders knows, if she would ask to finish her agony she would not get the great CEO job. These are the requirements of the gathering to make a distingushed career!

Genre: BDSM, Thrashing, Hardcore, Harsh, Bondage, Ascendancy
Studio: Aching Gate
Duration: 00:15:32
Featuring: Ines

C E O # 2 - Pain Gate BDSM

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C E O # 2 - Pain Gate BDSM