Casual Captives - AES Productions BDSM
These movies are produced by Ken Scott with the storyline in mind. Adventure, Maidens in Distress, Kidnapping themes, bank robbers, etc. Tight bondage, charming chicks and a good storyline are what makes this series so popular. From streetclothes, to lingerie, to topless, and somewhere in between is the attire for these movies. Stockings and garters are the preferred choice but now and then a pair of pantyhose or a nice-looking set of bare feet show up.

Genre: BDSM, Bondage, Ascendancy
Studio: AES Fabrications
Director: Ken Scott
Duration: 01:51:31
Featured: Arielle Moran, Eryn Walker, Michelle, Cammie Brewer

Casual Captives - AES Productions BDSM

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Casual Captives - AES Productions BDSM