Xtremepain - SVP 52 The dices decide BDSM

Genre: BDSM, Heavy, Bondage, Caning, Breasts Torment, Hard-core, Pussy Torture, Paps Piercing
Studio: SVP – Creations

XTREMEPAIN series from SVP Creations film studio represents hard BDSM torture videos. All films are full of harsh torturing of bounded slave-girls. They suffer from piercing of balloons with needles or even nails, anguish teats with burning cigarettes, pins and clips punched into seriously stretched vagina lips, needles in susceptive clitoris, nettle torture until skin blisters. Blood and moans of pain are everywhere!

If you want to know what is infernal torturing consist of – take a look at XTREMEPAIN movies and prepare to vibrate with horror.

Alternately bondservant K and bondslave Julia are strictly whipped with dogwhip, cane, cooking spoon and so on. At the end bondslave K is the winner with 410 over 323 hits.

Abwechselnd werden Sklavin K und Sklavin Julia mit Hundepeitsche, Rohrstock, Kochloffel usw. sehr hart ausgepeitscht. Am Ende gewinnt Sklavin K mit 410 : 323 erhaltenen Schlagen.

Xtremepain - SVP 52 The dices decide BDSM

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Xtremepain - SVP 52 The dices decide BDSM