Russian Slaves 63 - Sovjet School BDSM
Street Date 2011
Title Rus Slaves 63 – Sovjet School
Category BDSM (beating, cane, dishonour, punishment)
Studio Nettles Corp

Soviet school in 1938. Hanger, political, repressions. Millions of people were sent to dungeons and concentration camps without any motive. In one college, in Moscow, one maiden brought anatomical atlas and two other damsels started to measure their own private places to find out who has the smallest. They were caught by a strict disciplinarian teacher and punished! The chicks who brought the anatomical atlas was compeled to undress from waist down and was subjected to very grievous and degrading whipping by a rattan rod in front of another two gals by the sadistic chief of the college. Whipping left the vixen blubbering like a baby with her booty covered in blood.

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Russian Slaves 63 - Sovjet School BDSM

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Russian Slaves 63 - Sovjet School BDSM