IntoTheAttic - Pandora Posted Dec 8, 2011 HD BDSM
Release Year: 2011
Studio: IntoTheAttic

Pandora starts her day as JR’s residence slave. Uncovered, fixed around the waist and wrists manacled, asshole hooked and washing dishes in the kitchen is how we find her. She’s acquiring in readiness to prepare dinner for JR. Once she has all the dishes cleaned up she receives his meal ready. After pulling it from the microwave she heads for the dining room to serve him. After placing his plate on the table she rings a bell to let him know it is in readiness. She then kneels in front of the table, back to him and stares straight ahead waiting on further instruction. As he eats the fried chicken and macaroni and cheese he engages her. He desires to know what her favourite hot position is. Still staring straight ahead she tells him, “doggy classification, sir”. He then ask her if she loves sex. “I love sex, sir”. Then he inquires as to whether or not she likes to work oral. “I love sucking dick, sir”. “Are you pleasant at it?”, he asks. She replies, “I think I am outstanding at it, sir”. “What do like about it so much?” She tells him, “I like the feeling of it in the back of my throat, sir”. He then ask, “When you have permission to masturbate what do you think about?” She tells him, “I think about sucking your enormous cock, sir”…

Format: asf
Duration: 47:59
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IntoTheAttic - Pandora Posted Dec 8, 2011 HD BDSM
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IntoTheAttic - Pandora Posted Dec 8, 2011 HD BDSM