tUF - Mar 28, 2012 - Isis Love, Mark Davis BDSM
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Ash is in fact wearing her birthday suit when this evening starts. Sitting among the other bondslaves with their collars still on she has no idea what she will undergo to celebrate her coming of age and a new position in the dwelling. Her and the Pope reach a new level of intensity as she has uncontrollable apogees and weeps for mercy under his crop.

Meanwhile, darla rapunzel is placed in extreme shibari and released to the hurting ministrations of Mistress UV. As darla contorts and howls in the complex bondage she only makes matter worse for herself. UV has a cane in her hand and no mercy in her diversion. Kate is placed in leather restraints and must keep her balance as her dominant Kenishiro spanks her and makes her crawl across the floor on her knees.

The Upper Floor has a visitor, slave sin, who volunteers to be used by the imperious Isis Love and sensual Mark Davis. The dominant couple are a severe duo, and presently have sin swinging onto Marks cock by her wrists. This first half of a two part update is an nice illustration of the extreme connection between a bondservant and a Master.

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tUF - Mar 28, 2012 - Isis Love, Mark Davis BDSM
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tUF - Mar 28, 2012 - Isis Love, Mark Davis BDSM