The Limp & The Lucky Femdom and Strapon
Release Year: 2012
Genres: Female domination, FaceSitting, All Sex, Cunilingus, Ball Stretching, Bondage, Beating, Artificial cock, Humilation, Stockings,
Video language: English

Mistress Kiss plays has two sessions in this hour long film. The first frightened player cannot get his dick stiff even though he has the chance to put it in Mistress Kiss’ bush hollow. The pathetic loser does receive his face banged but her second obedient is in fortune. He is smothered under her holes and his stiff cock finds its way through the nylon bodysuit to enter her. He is teased by feet and pom-pom over and over ’till he explodes inside her. Mistress Kiss gazes down to her spread eagled captive. Dressed all in black, her foot is on his dick and she informs him she will fuck the artificial cock on his face and then admit him to bang her. She teases and slaps his python before turning on the swing and fuck his face. After a satisfying orgasm, she moves to tie up his balls. Beautiful Mistress Kiss kneels and fondles him after she has restrained up his manmeat and balls tight. She turns to wipe her rose on his face and then positions the dildo on her clit to receive full stimulation as She orgasms another time. She moves to sit over his manmeat and threatens to castrate him. He seems to be afraid as she explains how she will cut off his balls. Moving over him sensuously she offers up her breasts and grinds her pussy on his python before threatening to castrate him again and watching his erection turn to putty. The terrified yielding lays chained spread eagle as Mistress Kiss sucks on his manmeat in a 69 position. He just cannot seem to concentrate after being threatened with castration and her oral job ministrations do not produce the results she sought. He is done for the day and will not have intercourse with his Mistress. Upstairs with her second obedient, she orders him into pantyhose and then face sits him and plays with his severe python. Mistress Kiss plays with the stiff manmeat in his pantyhose and grinds her bare cunny on footboy’s face. She chokes him out a bit and then pulls his pantyhose down and gives him some head to bring his cock to full attention. She binds him to a bench and orders him to eat her asshole from behindhand. He bends and provides oral sex servicing. She turns and has him clean out her pussy with his tongue from the front. Mistress Kiss positioned her wet cunt over the dude strapped in the stool. She fucked him slowly and then hopped off as he seemed to be ready to squirt. She lay back and teased him with her feet till he calmed down. She did this several times and then stood and fucked him as she bent. Each time he became engorged and ready to release his cum, she dismounted and teased him with her feet. With footboy now bound spread eagled to the bed, Mistress Kiss goes on her distraction of tease and denial. She fucked him facing his feet and then facing him until, each time he was in readiness to release, she hopped off and teased him with her feet. He became excited by her stern cunny muscles one last time and she came to a decision to stop him off. She gyrated up and down and squeezed his penis until he shot a fiend burden into his condom. She dismounted and undressed the condom from his still uttermost dick, being careful not to spill. She treated him to his own fluids.

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The Limp & The Lucky Femdom and Strapon
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The Limp & The Lucky Femdom and Strapon