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DOWNLOAD from FILESMONSTER:  BDSM Extreme Torture  Brutal Birching
Ultimate Birching
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Duration: 00:19:45.785
Video: Sorenson 3, 959 Kbit s, 460 x 345, 20.000 Frames p/s
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Mistress Persephone plays the role of Ms. Jones, the sadistic school board member who finds out that Principal Skinner has been disgracing some of his apprentices. Ms. Jones blackmails him into taking a lashing from her if he desires to keep his job. Ms. Jones spanks the erebus out of this imbecile, all the while getting in some wicked and hilarious verbal jabs. She pummels him with paddles, straps, and a ruler. She saves the most extreme implement, the birch rod, for last. Skinner is given hundreds of torturous lashes with the rods. When Ms. Jones breaks one rod, she grabs another and begins anew. She seems to have an continuous supply. Next she grabs a four foot long switch and beats him like a red-headed stepchild. Very Utmost Corporal Punishment.

Movie clip size: 141.3 MB

DOWNLOAD from FILESMONSTER:  BDSM Extreme Torture  Brutal Birching

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