Sahara's Test - InSex BDSM
Release Year: 2013
Studio: Insex Archives
Genres: bondage bdsm torture rough pd clyster 912 insexarchives

Slim, flexible, and dark-eyed, something about Sahara haunts. She calls Insex a vicious website as though teasing, but you can tell – she means it. Yet as the cords tighten, her skin loosens. Her eyes drag you into the dark. You go with her, giving yourself up to the ropes, the want, and the abject beauty of her skin tied.

It’s simple. You start with one duration of cord. Step by step, she’s more yours, more lost. A table is wheeled in. Metal shackles for ankles are restrained to the side, but that’s for later, when she’s more lost, more yours. She’s fixed into a stern ball on top of the table. PD appears and trinkets with her peach, fingering her clit. She’s pierced and shivered. Just a little. Just a taste.

Stripped. Elbows strapped unitedly in back. Arms in strappado. Hair chained backward to the hoist. Ankles restrained, then toes. Now a rope tightens between her neck and her ankles. She grinds her bum into his crotch because he tells her to, and what are her choices now? A crotch cord pulled through from behind is linked above and in front of her. She humps on command.

One more step. She’s taken deeper, farther. A latex kisser. Her flesh is stretched tight in three directions, ankles spread. The third tie-point is her neck. She cannot move. She’s lost, lost, lost. Her labia pulled wide, her pom-pom flushed. She’s fucked. She’s vibrated. She wriggles and squirms as she comes.

How could she know she was supposed to ask?

Now seated on the sybian, on top of the table with her ankles shackled in place, her neck is bound above. Stainless steel pullers bite and gnaw at her paps. And the sybian starts. It’s torment, that much pleasure. It is erebus. Fluid pours from her peach to the floor. Did she come one more time, the hooker? He cranks up the speed. He sprays her with water. She asks for permission this time. The speed is ratcheted up. She comes serious.

Horrid delight. The speed goes on high. The lights go out. Darkness. Her yells.

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Duration: 45:45
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Sahara's Test - InSex BDSM Sahara's Test - InSex BDSM
Sahara's Test - InSex BDSM Sahara's Test - InSex BDSM

Sahara's Test - InSex BDSM
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Sahara's Test - InSex BDSM