Simone Sonay, Matt Williams BDSM
Release Year: 2014
Studio: InfernalRestraints
Cast: Simone Sonay, Matt Williams
Genres: BDSM, Bondage, Flogging, Torture, Humilation

Simone Sonay is a busty, fit and toned MILF that loves the the penis. She wants it. Too wretched for her today is not about the penis. Today is about putting this cougar through the Infernalrestraints experience. It isn’t going to be easy for her, Simone is going to earn her apogees the uttermost way. Just how bad does she want it?
Bound on a wooden bondage device that keeps her legs spread wide, we cut off her panties to see what we are working with. Simone obtains pogoed and shivered just enough to give her an brink. She will need all she can accept for what we are about to put her through. Shifting her into stocks, Simone is totally immobilized. Her hands are shoved our custom made metal hand bottoms, her legs are chained by metal pipes. We unite a stocking hood and a extra big ring gag. Simone is at last starting to grasp what actual bondage is. Teat clamps and a nose hook reinforce her total helplessness. This swinger is reduced to a play plaything for our wants.
Moving our shaken MILF onto a metal frame, we lash her down with leather belts to properly expose that skin. A huge black ballgag is wedged deep inside that gigantic mouth of hers. After a through coating of baby oil her skin is gleaming. Someone this lush must be taken down a peg or two and we introduce her to electricity. Simone is terrorized and rightly so. Her fear makes her give up sweet sweet MILF tears. This is much harder then just lying back and getting fucked, which is our dirty cougar’s stock in trade. She has suffered so sweetly we must reward her a little and we bring in the artificial cock for a few well deserved orgasms. Simone is blasted out of her mind, dazed and confused, unable to even recall her own name. We haul this throughly wrecked MILF up on her wire frame, leaving her hanging from the rafters. She sways gently, fully destroyed. We might be back to play with her again later if we feel so inclined…

Format: mp4
Duration: 46:07
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 7283kbps
Audio: 110kbps

Simone Sonay, Matt Williams BDSM Simone Sonay, Matt Williams BDSM
Simone Sonay, Matt Williams BDSM Simone Sonay, Matt Williams BDSM

Simone Sonay, Matt Williams BDSM
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Simone Sonay, Matt Williams BDSM