IntoTheAttic/Magik 2 BDSM
Release Year: 2015
Genres: BDSM, Bondage, Humilation, Torture, Electric, Fetich, Toys
Video language: English

32 year aged Magik has returned to The Attic for her 3rd visit.
Her day starts in stocks hung from the ceiling in a way that insures she’s very uncomfortable while in them. She is nude save for a pair of black hose and boots. We watch her for awhile, wearing the intense stocks fixed to the ceiling. We can see that she clearly is having trouble. The load of the stocks keep her standing in a precarious fashion, not quite standing and unable to sit down. It is as tho’ she is just a head. A head tightly secured –you can’t even see a neck. After watching her for several min severe, electrified teat clamps are placed onto her bust. Once the power accepts turned on she starts to hop, gasp and open and close her fists locked in the stocks. Her breathing changes and she keeps her eyes closed. Her muzzle is slightly ajar and she concentrates on her breathing. Her hose and panties are pulled down and a small egg dildo is inserted into her vagina. Duct tape is used to keep her hair out of her face. She’s worried. She looks like maybe she is reaching a limit. The cane comes out and starts to inflict blows upon her asshole. She’s made to tell us about her erotic fantasies with maids before the electricity to her nipples is increased. Then she’s flogged mercilessly on her back. She’s at her very limit now. That’s when the weights get hung from her teats.
Magik is prepared to walk the copper pole. Her elbows and wrists are strapped unitedly behindhand her. She is ball gagged and nude. She has an electrode connected to her bottom while the another electrode is joined to the copper pole. Now, anytime her cunny touches the copper pole she’ll acquire a shock in vulva and anal. She’s straddling the pole already when the electricity gets turned on. Her ankles are fixed together. Before she starts her walk of fame nipple grips are installed and restrained off to the pole so she is made to lean forward constantly. She’s starting to shake and we haven’t even gotten started yet. A nose hook is installed which completely confuses her. Humiliates her. She’s then told to walk to the end of the copper pole. As she makes her way the pole begins to swing wildly, pitching back and forth, shocking her each time it hits her inner thighs and cunt. And as she travels down the pole it raises higher on the one end insuring that it will stay in unending contact with her bush as she makes her way down the length. It doesn’t take long before she lets out an, "Oh fuck". She trying extreme to deal with that ball gag. Biting at it and trying to shove it from her muzzle. She has to finish and accumulate herself, work on her breathing. Then she endeavours again, making a rush for the end of the pole to get it over with. But every time she essays to raise herself up, to get her peach away from the pole, the nipple strings that are bound to it pull it up and keep the shock endless. It takes her several endeavours but in the end she makes it to the end, where the pole is buried in her camel toe. That’s when she’s made to suffer a caning on her anal.
Magik is in a hogtie on the floor. Nude save for her boots. She’s wearing a panel gag. We can see an open can of beets sitting nearby. She’s told to do a 180 so that her rose is in our face. The hogtie is rather strict so she needs time and a nice deal of effort just to spin around. Once she in the end does the can of beets is retrieved. After dropping several of them onto the floor in front of her bush I proceed to stick in them directly into her box. Once her pom-pom has been beet filled she’s told to turn back around and make her way to the other side of the floor where a dog bowl awaits her. It’s tough, exhausting work and requires a bit of time for her to accomplish. After several min she at the last moment makes it, out of breath and dog-tired. She is instantly told to spin around so her cunt is backed up to the bowl. Her breathing is labored behind the panel gag as she endeavours to acquire herself into position. Once the bowl is sitting in location she’s flogged on the cunny before being asked to blow those beets from her peach into the dog bowl. She essays and we see the cunt pushing outward –but no beets. The Hitachi works it over for a bit to loosen things up. Surprise, one beet does make its way out but, ultimately, she had to have them dug out of her pom-pom. Dug out and placed into the dog bowl for her consumption. And consume them she did. She lapped up the beets from that bowl with enthusiasm –even licking the bowl afterward. You’d think she was a starved pig or something.
At last, we find Magik nude on the Wooden Horse, bowling testicles hanging from each ankle. Her wrists are pulled up and outward above her head. The horse is electrified so she acquires a unceasing stream of electricity pulsing through her inner thighs. Then she is tortured with a number of vibrators till she begs for it to stop. Once she does she is then flogged on her torso in place of to the dildos. When the caning has come to a stop she appears to have been drained of all energy. She practically hangs from her wrists, looking lifeless and beaten down. The bowling testicles swing slightly on her ankles. Her bush is nestled right up against the electrodes. That’s when the cane lights up her buttocks. She’s desperate now. She’s begs with her countenance for this to be over with, and then she’s struck one more time. She’s beginning to cry.

Format: Windows media
Duration: 1:03:11
Video: 960×540, Wm Video 9 Advanced Profile, 2915kbps
Audio: 156kbps

IntoTheAttic/Magik 2 BDSM IntoTheAttic/Magik 2 BDSM
IntoTheAttic/Magik 2 BDSM IntoTheAttic/Magik 2 BDSM

IntoTheAttic/Magik 2 BDSM
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IntoTheAttic/Magik 2 BDSM