Feb 262017


Release Year: 2017

Studio: InfernalRestraints

Cast: Sasha

Genres: BDSM, Humiliation, Pain

Video language: English

One of the greater amount terrifying things ’bout being a model for just one of our movies is the feeling oughout acquire when one of the handlers will be walking toward u carrying a few device meant for torment. Possibly the just thing scarier is what Sasha, our own model for today, is going through. Sasha has a leather hood upon over her head so lady can’t watch anything at all. All lady gets is the muffled soundtrack associated with footsteps moving toward her because female is left to question what agony awaits her following.

Matt Williams offers her shackled down to a metallic pole, her legs out before her and her flesh bent all the way back. Gink covers the particular nose holes in her cover with a strip of tape to be able to stronger for her to breathe, which means this everything chap does to her is going to be this much greater amount frightening. Girl sits there in the darkness plus suspense, breathless, as boy flogs her titties and her belly. Doll flinches from the sound from the tails moving through the air. The girl body starts out to turn red, not really that doll can tell at all other than this with any whip the following 1 hurts a little bit greater quantity.

Boy walks far from her, removing the tape through her hood and letting the girl flesh have a few seconds rest, yet a small in number seconds is cutie is going to acquire. Even as lad leaves her, female is moving and panting, her skin fidgetiness in pain and anticipation. This particular skin starts out to full-on tremble when maid hears the sound that each submissive fears, the crackling associated with electricity at the end of a cattle prod. Matt shocks her teats, perking em up, then gink shock absorbers her rose. It’s as if the girl flesh is being jump started. Lady squirms and shouts, unable to examine herself, never knowing when or even where the next zap will come.

Format: mp4

Period: 35: 56

Video: 1280×720, AVC (H. 264), 7340kbps

Audio: 109kbps


Video clip size: 1 . nine GB