Cuckolded by the , part 1 Femdom and Strapon
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Genres: Domination

After busting her stepson looking at nude pictures of her on her husband’s phone, the ultimate woman gives him an ultimatum: either become my vassal or I will tell your . The stepson threatens to tell his about her numerous affairs, but is soon convinced by this cold-blooded, horny woman this his only alternative is to do as as maiden says – starting with licking her bush!

Locked in chastity and dressed as a sissy, the stepson licks his to an apex. Lady just laughs at how weak that chub is for her body, asking him how much greater it was to indeed taste her rather than just jerk off to some pics. As gal plays with his locked up dick, his purity key dangling from her neck,she makes it clear this chick owns him – and has testicles – and fellow had greater do everything chick says if man wants to be around her.

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Cuckolded by the , part 1 Femdom and Strapon
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Cuckolded by the , part 1 Femdom and Strapon