BondageSex - Roxy Rox BDSM
Release Year: 2014
Genres: BDSM, Bondage, Cord Bondage, Submission, Domination, Torture, Spanking
Video language: English

ust to make it interesting, we tie her down onto the most powerful artificial cock in the world. A sybian sounds like an airplane taking off. It can not be denied. It on all occasions wins. The sybian rips out apogee after apex, long after the pussy is tired and craves to tap out. How well can that hooker multitask? Can maid still unfathomable kisser while cumming her brains out? Merely one way to find out!

Blindfolded and bound, mouthhole totally unclothed, we go to work on Roxy. Her dress is cut off, exposing her stunning skin. A leather strap keeps her neck in location, making it impossible to move her face away from the penis. And then it starts. It’s a complete deconstruction by cock. Roxy is pushed to her limits and beyond. As it turns out, all these years of slutting around town have paid off. That 1 is a manmeat sucking champion. Babe has orgasms over and over as the manmeat owns her mouth. Drool and spittle flows helplessly out of her face pom-pom.

We rip off the blindfold so that we look into those large blue eyes and pick up the pace. Girl becomes unraveled. Her eyes glaze over and her breathing becomes ragged. Her tiny worthy perky hooters are coated and shiny with her own juices. At the last moment, we leave her there, face vacant and slack, still bolted down in location. Her tongue is out, signaling her willingness to take any cock that might come by. Priceless girl Roxy…

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BondageSex - Roxy Rox BDSM BondageSex - Roxy Rox BDSM
BondageSex - Roxy Rox BDSM BondageSex - Roxy Rox BDSM

BondageSex - Roxy Rox BDSM
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BondageSex - Roxy Rox BDSM