Elise Graves and Dixon Mason BDSM
Release Year: 2013
Genres: BDSM, Bondage
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Our study goes on with our 2 subjects. One experiment in neuropathy involves the use of electric stimulant near, around or even on the skin to stimulate the nerves. Notwithstanding what’s even greater amount interesting is the fear reaction this activity promotes. It seems to excite our subjects who are stuffed into a tiny cage unitedly. So much this they stimulate themselves with a high powered artificial cock while sensually rubbing against each one more.

Instantly that is an experiment in longevity and aching and it is bedtime. We chain the subjects in a almost any uncomfortable fashion to prepare for the evening. Necks and ankles tensely chained with their hands behindhand their backs. How will they use the bathroom? They’ll just have to piss the mattress. We are kind and give them some burlap sacks for blankets. But we aren’t done fucking with them yet.

We crave to watch how well they will sleep while incredibly sexually aroused. We tease their roses with a sex trinket but do not let em come. When it’s time for them to pee, they make a bargain. 10 cane strokes in order to pee outside and not piss the mattress. We make them kiss the rod formerly the beating. It appears to be a bit of stockholm syndrome is setting in.

Did they truly get to sleep? Probably not. We don’t care. This is an exercise of endurance. We rouse em in the morning with a bucket of cold water.

Our next experiment is to watch how well they interact with every one more. We make them do exercises to prepare for the day. Part of these exercises is fucking any other with dildos and using teamwork to share a dual ended dildo. They as well can not eat by themselves, they have to work together to feed each another.

We wish to watch how their physical workings are doing after ’bout 18 hours or so of non finish bondage and torture. We put hoods on em, and insert a dildo and bottom plug in every of their constricting cavities, and make them do a yoga movie. Is it hard to balance when you’re sleep deprived and can’t see anything? Is it extreme to bend over with your cavities stuffed?

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Elise Graves and Dixon Mason BDSM Elise Graves and Dixon Mason BDSM
Elise Graves and Dixon Mason BDSM Elise Graves and Dixon Mason BDSM

Elise Graves and Dixon Mason BDSM
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Elise Graves and Dixon Mason BDSM