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Predicament BDSM

Release 12 months: 2016

Cast: Kel Bowie, Matt Williams

Genres: BDSM, Humiliation, Caning, Ball Gag, Choking, Encounter Slapping, Beating, Foot Pain, Neck Cord, Nipp Clamps, Sex toy

Video vocabulary: English

Many people find their way in to bondage throughout that buddies, some through important other people, and some throughout that pure luck. Kel Bowie in no way had to find her method into it at all. As far as she actually is concerned, and as far once we can tell, Kel was born with regard to bondage. Lady thinks about everything the time and at all occasions has. In the beginning of the girl session, surely, woman brings up the 1st time female was actually bind at the new early age of 9. It’s no surprise gal found her method to our jail.

Kel has her hands fixed back in a cold-blooded strappado and her hip and legs fastened at the ankles in order to spread em as broad as they can go. As U. T. restrains her throat cord to the ceiling girl gets curious and desires to see to see what he is doing. O. T. does not feel the need to humor that will slut enough to look the girl in the face and tells the girl not to look at him unless of course boy says otherwise. Kel does her unexcelled yet doll can’t seem to maintain her eyes off of their hands as lad units her up for her torturing. It looks like O. To. is going to have to instruct the girl a lesson in hearing unsophisticated, basic instructions.

Man cuts openings in her stern small dress so that buddy may connect some teat videos and canes all over the girl feet and legs. The girl neck cord is so strenuously strapped to the ceiling that every time girl squirms along with discomfort, it chokes the girl a little tighter. O. Capital t. moves her around the space as that chub views fit to more unpleasant and fervent positions, yet cutie never loses the particular rope around her neck of the guitar. Cutie must have done the good-looking bad job associated with listening, because cute soon after chick is well familiar with not just the feeling of the pole on her legs, but similarly barbecue skewers on her ft, and a flogger on her delicate rose.

File format: mp4

Duration: forty-four: 56

Video: 1280×720, AVC (H. 264), 6984kbps

Audio: 108kbps

Predicament BDSM Predicament BDSM
Predicament BDSM Predicament BDSM

Predicament BDSM
Video clip size: 2 . a few GB

Predicament BDSM