Stupid, Willful Girl Gets Punished BDSM
Release Year: 2016
Genres: BDSM, Bondage, String Bondage, Submission, Domination, Torture, Spanking
Video language: English

Sadie Franklin has been misbehaving and hottie needs to be chastised for it. Babe claims chick doesn’t know what her crime was, so chick is either a liar or a stupid prostitute, but either way it’s not going to keep her from getting the thrashing of a lifetime by her warden. It doesn’t matter if lady can remember what it was that chick did, by the time O.T. is done with her, it will be unimaginable if damsel can even remember her own name.

When we first meet Sadie maiden is bent over, her wrists shackled to a wooden pike and her ass is pointed up in the air. That’s just where O.T. desires her for her 1st round of penalty. Fellow takes out the flogger and starts out whacking away at Sadie’s back. Lad wants to see what kind of reaction damsel gives. Man desires to know just how far dude can poke her, just how much ache and torturing this chub can deliver, before cutie breaks. Then that chub takes out his knife to cut away her clothing so dude can have easier access to what’s beneath it.

After O.T. obtains a baseline, Sadie’s penalty starts ramping up. Girl lets out weeps as chick feels the sting of a lash cutting across her back. If maiden in actuality doesn’t know what maid did lady knows it must have been terrible as female tries to keep track in her head of the number of lashes her transgression has earned her. Shortly after her back and her ass are overspread in excruciating red marks and woman has wholly lost track of how many there should be. It doesn’t matter anyway because O.T. has grabbed a cane and moved on to her feet. That is just the beginning for Sadie. Hottie has a long hard day ahead of her.

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Stupid, Willful Girl Gets Punished BDSM Stupid, Willful Girl Gets Punished BDSM
Stupid, Willful Girl Gets Punished BDSM Stupid, Willful Girl Gets Punished BDSM

Stupid, Willful Girl Gets Punished BDSM
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Stupid, Willful Girl Gets Punished BDSM