Most Pathetic Cum Ever Femdom and Strapon
Release Year: 2017
Studio: AmericanMeanGirls
Cast: Princess Chanel
Genres: Femdom, Humination, Light-haired, High Heels, Edging Games, Foot Fetish, Apex Control
Video language: English

This is rigorously sad. So Bella tells me that this loser has been locked up in his little dick device thing for like all month. We apparently are supposed to just only let these losers cum once a month to keep them super dutiful for us. And this idiot is like obsessed with me so it picked ME this month to unlock it and grant it it’s "release". But basically all I have to let it gaze up at how sexy I am while it "releases itself". I can basically ignore it if I crave to, so it’s not even this fierce. But it honestly is fuck pathetic this this is like the merely "sex life" these losers acquire. Haha. Bella movies it all just to abuse him some greater amount I think- and to sell the movie so we can make off it, obviously. I actually think its funny how mean I can be to those losers and they Still are in love with me! Like I tell idiot ’bout how much I love my hubby and I tell him all ’bout our erotic sex life – and how I Hate the servant and think he’s repulsive to me – and guy is Still like just stroking away telling me how much boy is in love with me! Lol! Gawd I love being rousing…you can literally get away with anything. I even rub my stockinged feet in his face to torrture him some more. I can tell man like craves to cum SOOO wretched now!! Haha! But I don’t let him. I think it’s So fuck entertaining at this point! So I make him BEG just to have my "permission" to cum on the floor and create a "worship puddle" on the floor at my feet! (Bella taught me that term- and I fucking love it.) And boy probably is familiar with Bella will thrash the BANG out of him if guy creates this "puddle" formerly I give him permission! Lol So while I have that loser all appetizing and kneeling before me I make that foot-freak acquiesce to some Actually severe financial demands in order to grant him his pathetic "release"…and I let him know lad is acquiring locked right back up for even Longer than a month as soon as he’s done! (Watch the clip to see how long I come to a decision! Haha.)

Format: mp4
Duration: 11:46
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 9205kbps
Audio: 125kbps

Most Pathetic Cum Ever Femdom and Strapon Most Pathetic Cum Ever Femdom and Strapon
Most Pathetic Cum Ever Femdom and Strapon Most Pathetic Cum Ever Femdom and Strapon

Most Pathetic Cum Ever Femdom and Strapon
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Most Pathetic Cum Ever Femdom and Strapon