Sensualpain 3 Hole Fuck slave part 1 BDSM
Release Year: 2018
Studio: Sensualpain
Cast: Abigail Dupree
Genres: Rosebud, Odd Insertions, Tunnel Plug, Enormous anal plug, Abigail Dupree, Bondage Fucking, Unfathomable Face hole, Female Desperation, Purity Device, Anal Bang, Steel Restraints, Harsh BDSM, Bondage Device, Stretcher Bar, Hood, Open Oral cavity, Penis Sucking, Male Domin
Video language: English

Sex servants are a breed spaced out for worthy motives. The female Chattel has three service hollows where the male chattel has 2 that are the conduit to a higher contentiousness and better living.
The three holes are used here for lasted training in dutifulness. It is best to start from sturdy, seductive stock for the Master?owner for it takes a strong personality to be a sex slave, to serve as expected, to be empowered and trained. To be the best it can be, that property needs to be trained and nurtured with responsibilities in a strict environment to feed the bondservant mind. A honed gear for the appointed Master?owner for servicing and sexual needs.
It is desirable to distance oneself when training chattel so that the arousal is focused on submission and compliance, and as if it were livestock to be used, traded or eaten, to just only unlock it’s fullest value for use.
In a healthy TPE the slave mind will give everything and more if trained properly to open it’s mind and be who and what it unquestionably is, to acquire the fact this pain/pleasure is a doorway and a severe hand used to reach real potential. A journey far deeper, far greater amount rewarding than anything 1 could ever imagine even pivotal to enlightenment to vital in becoming a better being.
The bondslave mind is in most of us, in the right pretense and reasoning.
In my humble opinion, almost any are held back, not able to be who they need to be by numerous unreal thoughts and excuses supported by society. Most are miserable because they do no live their dharma, what brings em happiness in a natural state of being.. Why live in endless need, doubt and misery when one is shown the ability to harness real nature by service a loving superior this fills the empty place within u?
A slaves mind is an allusive anomaly to those that can’t watch. If you cannot watch those things then u cannot understand, enjoy the nuance of the simple things a servants mind can be celebrated by or even uncover the layers of love available from such a mind this accompanies the kind soul.

Format: mp4
Duration: 41:23
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 6835kbps
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Sensualpain 3 Hole Fuck slave part 1 BDSM Sensualpain 3 Hole Fuck slave part 1 BDSM
Sensualpain 3 Hole Fuck slave part 1 BDSM Sensualpain 3 Hole Fuck slave part 1 BDSM

Sensualpain 3 Hole Fuck slave part 1 BDSM
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Sensualpain 3 Hole Fuck slave part 1 BDSM