SBound - Adara Jordin.. Party Girl Heisted Part 2 BDSM

Studio: ShinyBound

He comes back awhile later to control on her. Doll is all slumped over and resting in a perverted position, so guy comes to a decision to re-tie her flat on her back to make her more comfortable. Boy unties her limp skin and lays her out. That chub accepts more string and binds her all up good and constricting lengthwise on the table. When chick finally begins to come to.. Gal is very astonied to find out her kinky dreams weren’t without a doubt dreams.. Doll squirms around trying to escape the cords, and hops off of the table, hopping towards the door. " We can’t have u leaving just yet Adara. " Chap grabs her and sets her back up on the table. Lady pleads with him to please untie her. Lad grabs some sponges off his work armchair and a roll of duct tape. " No please! Please dont.. MMMPPPHHH!! " Guy holds her restrained body close to him as fellow sticks in the sponges into her mouth. Then chap grabs the duct tape and wraps her entire head below the nose with it in evenly spaced strands. " That’ll keep you quiet till your bridegroom gets here in a few hours. Till then, I guess u can’t be trusted not to attempt and escape. " This guy sticks in her back up on the table and grabs greater amount rope. Gink binds her ankles up behindhand her in a hogtie. " That should keep u from wandering off. "

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SBound - Adara Jordin.. Party Girl Heisted Part 2 BDSM
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SBound - Adara Jordin.. Party Girl Heisted Part 2 BDSM