Aug 022020

Zoey Laine BDSM

Cast: Zoey Laine
Genres: BDSM, Humiliation, Torture, Whipping

Zoey Laine is back and just as hot as ever. She’s here to get another bind of bondage. Female accepts a string around her neck, her wrists fastened behindhand her back, and a constricting crotch string. Her lovely butt is framed just perfectly.

Strapped into a ball Zoey rolls around. Lady gets herself stuck on her side. Her panties are removed to expose her perfectly pink cunt and honey little bottom.

With her arms behind her and strapped up to the ring above her she’s up on her tippy toes. Seems an easy adequate position, but it can be made much worse.

The hogtie is strict adequate this Zoey is struggling. Then cutie has to suck cock. That makes the whole thing more difficult.

Finally it’s time for Zoey to have a bit of amusement. With her horny buttocks bared perfectly she’s brought to an fervent orgasm

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Duration: 43:31
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Zoey Laine BDSM Zoey Laine BDSM
Zoey Laine BDSM Zoey Laine BDSM

Zoey Laine BDSM
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Zoey Laine BDSM